Multi-function Contrlo Terminal

○  Supporting 802.11b/g/n wireless protocol; 

    Access to Internet via netting wire or home router to realize the remote control.

○  Lookup function

    Press the lookup key to trigger that the terminal makes a sound for user lookup.

○  NFC fast binding:      

    Quick binding with the intelligent home wireless control terminal for convenience and quickness.

○  HD IPS screen: Full colour, wide vision.

○  Aluminum alloy housing: Outstanding hand touch.

○  Home control

    lighting/ curtain/ air conditioner/ electric source.

○  Security alarm

    doorbell/ magnetic detection/ smoke detector/ kitchen monitor/ infrared alarm.

○  Situational mode settings.

○  Time/ weather display.

○  Product size is 86 boxes.

○  Inserting a wall-mounted charging box, namely absorbed in the box for charging.

○  Voice reminder function.
   System Diagram