Electric Curtain Motor

○  A special“SE-Link”wireless protocol is used to realize the high safety and full-room coverage.

○  Supporting remote control:

    Remote control is realized via the intelligent mobile terminal.

○  Supporting local control

    Local control is realized via the intelligent home wireless control terminal.

○  Ultra-quiet design

    Such design leads the small abrasion, long service lifetime, small vibration, low noise, light opening and                     closing and graceful operation of the motor.

○  Automatic opening/closing detection

    Automatically detect whether the curtain has been opened or closed completely.

○  Intelligent luminance control

    The function of“dark closing and daybreak opening”is realized by inducting the ambient environment                   luminance.

○  Automatic motor protection

    When opening or closing the curtain, the motor will power off automatically if there is any foreign matter                   affecting the operation of the system to avoid any damage from applied force.

○  NFC fast binding:

    Quick binding with the intelligent home wireless control terminal for convenience and quickness.

○  Ultra-long service life, high efficiency and energy saving, ultra-low power consumption.

   System Diagram